Dumbbells vs. Barbells

Dumbbells vs. Barbells

Dumbbells vs. BarbellsBarbell weight training and dumbbell weight training both have their individual places within your gym routine. Let us start with the advantages of dumbbells. Dumbbells tend to be easier to handle when you do not have a good spot buddy. If you can’t press the dumbbells, you can simply let them drop to the ground. Dumbbells are also great for muscle building as they isolate your muscle groups better. With the dumbbell chest press you can really get a feel for which pectoral muscle is stronger. Likewise, bicep curls allow you to work one bicep more than the other until they are both equal in strength. Dumbbells also do not require a weight rack to store them, you can simple place them on the ground and pick them up at will in the case that you have a home gym set up in your basement. Lastly, dumbbells offer a large variety of upper body exercises which can be done as readily with the barbell which include fly’s, back rows and tricep kickbacks.

Barbells are great too. Barbells focus more on broadening than isolate. To build a bigger chest, trainers will recommend getting familiar with the barbell chest press which is great for building the chest. All of the press exercises done with the barbell can be done with the dumbbell also but they require all muscles to move in unison. This makes it difficult to determine if one muscle is doing more work that the other. If you are benching, and you see the right side going up faster than the left, then you know that the right pectoral muscle is stronger and doing more work that the left pectoral. The same goes for barbell curls and many other barbell exercises. You want to make sure all of your muscles are being worked equally. Barbell presses often require a spot when lifting heavier because if you are unable to lift the weight, you run the risk of the weight falling on your head in many cases which would surely keep you out of the gym for a while. Lastly, barbells require weight plates which require you to own a weight rack for your personal gym.

In conclusion, variety is key when is comes to weight training. I would not recommend simply lifting all barbell or all dumbbells. Your muscles need to be worked in varying ways in order to grow to their fullest potential. Barbells may be limiting in some instances but there is still nothing like the look on faces when you can bench or squat an admirable weight.

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