Jul 22

Choosing The Right Weight Bench

Choosing The Right Weight Bench

Choosing the Right Weight BenchHere is a readily familiar fact to most fitness novices who ever buy a weight bench to start their personal fitness gym: They never use it. Sure, they intend to, and they probably even buy dumbbells or barbells for it, but more often than not, they will let that perfectly good exercise equipment gather dust inside their closet or garage. If only these people took the effort to look at the big picture, they might have actively used their weight bench from the very beginning instead of letting it corrode right beside their laundry hamper.

The very first thing you need to do before even bothering to visit the weightlifting equipment section of your local department store is to become aware of your fitness goals. Do you want to lose fifty pounds of extra weight? Do you want to gain a few more pounds of muscle mass? Do you want to improve your aerobic capacity to compete in a recreational sport? Or maybe you are looking to become a competitive professional athlete who wants to increase your muscular strength? A clear understanding of your final agenda is exactly what you need to be able to choose the most appropriate weight bench for your home.

After you have done this, begin looking for a bench that has an adjustable rack, especially if you are serious about building muscle. This is because the adjustable racks help maintain the barbell at arms length, which isolates the arm muscles, keeping you in proper position and intensifying your weight training at the same time. Many premium-grade benches possess this feature. This is particularly important if you are lifting heavier weights.

Even though there are many brands, designs, and models of weight benches on the market, the basic features you should be looking for when selecting the most suitable bench remain the same. You must be aware of how safe, durable, versatile, and strong your chosen weight bench is. You also need a product that has plenty of padding and an ergonomic design so you prevent straining or injuring yourself while using it. A versatile enough fitness tool so that you are not limited to training just one particular muscle group will enhance your muscle building greatly. A sturdy weight bench that does not run the risk of tipping over or breaking down in the middle of a set is a must. Lastly, get a weight bench with a widely set rack that provides you the extra support you need to do heavy-duty weightlifting when you are ready.